Mtn momo pay api

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MTN MoMo Pay : How to pay for Goods and Services using MoMoPay

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. MTN Pay is a widely popular payment gateway in Africa. It offers functionality to send and receive money for goods and services securely and conveniently.

mtn momo pay api

The payment gateway of such a popular brand is trusted and used by the majority. Boost the sales by offering convenient payment options in Magento 2 stores! Billmap is an automatic online registration portal for various payment service providers to offer wallet for the payment of goods and services. QoSIC is a mobile money aggregator that allows various payment and mobile money providers to easily integrate with entities to send and receive money from the customers.

The module ensures secure online payments. Win customers' trust and loyalty. Improve the user experience at your Magento 2 store. Supports both desktop and mobile payments. Option to show the MTN logo in the frontend along with the payment method. Enter the custom title of the payment method to show in the frontend. Only registered users can write reviews. Poojara Telecom, Bhavnagar, Gujarat. You have no items in your shopping cart.

Search: Search. Welcome to Magento Extensions and Development Store! Magento 2 MTN Pay. Key Features: Accept secure payments. Add to Cart. Free Lifetime Upgrade. Free Lifetime Support. Meets Magento Standards. Details Reviews Change Log Details. The extension provides integration with 3 services to integrate MTN Pay in your Magento 2 stores: Billmap QoSIC MoMo Billmap is an automatic online registration portal for various payment service providers to offer wallet for the payment of goods and services.

Supports Desktop and Mobile. Custom Title Supported. Enable sandbox mode to test transaction payments. Select countries to allow using the MTN payment method. Enter additional instruction to show in the checkout page.With MTN MoMoPay, merchants can sell airtime and earn commission, pay salaries, pay suppliers as well as transfer money to the bank with much more ease than before.

This how-to seeks to walk you through a step by step guide how to get started with this incredible service as a customer or merchant. MTN MoMo pay is a mobile money service that allows customers to make payments for goods and services without using liquid cash but rather mobile money.

To use this service, a customer should be a registered mobile money user with credit on his mobile money account. Similarly for merchants to use this servicethey have to register with MTN MoMo pay team where they will be availed with a special mtn merchant code. This code can then be pinned on their stores to allow people easily pay for their goods and services with much ease.

This service is completely free on customers end but may incur some costs on the side of merchant as we shall see in the following sections. Charges for Merchants differ varying from type to type of business this means formal business charges may slightly differ from those of informal businesses.

The charges are levied on payments being processed by merchants and customers at that particular transaction. MTN MoMo Pay allows customers to buy goods and services at no charge on top of payment amounthoweverthe customer has to be a registered mobile money user and has credit on his or her MM account. In the dialog activity that pops up enter the merchant code as seen from MTN MoMo Pay Cards or you can ask the business attendant to help you.

Ug mtn. You can as well contact customerservice. The service is free for all customers. All merchant premises will have a 6 digit merchant code displayed prominently for the customer to see.

This transaction is free for the customer. MTN MoMo Pay transactions are received immediately with both the customer and merchant receiving instant transaction notifications via SMS confirmation. You can access these funds to pay your supplier through MoMoPay.

Momo allows you pay salaries of your employees. You can also transfer these funds to your bank account. MoMoPay is very secure as the service is carried out using MTN mobile money and all the security precautions of the latter still apply.

Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Sunday, April 12, Get help. Read Also : How to pay social media tax in Uganda. Facebook Comments.

WorldRemit slashes costs on Mobile Money transfers. Understanding Mobile Money. Download TM WhatsApp v7. Claire Balungi - November 18, 0.To further foster innovation and enhance financial inclusion, MTN is inviting developers and entrepreneurs, across five countries, to participate in the MoMo API Hackathon.

The range of solutions to narrow the financial services gap can only be achieved through various partnerships with entrepreneurs, developers, financial services providers, regulatory authorities, other mobile network operators, merchants, distributors, businesses and technology providers. Skip to content Toggle navigation. Digital inclusion. Employment creation.

mtn momo pay api

Financial inclusion. Governance structure. Board of directors. Executive committee. Managed networks. Internet of things. Rich media services. Mobile financial services. Sustainable economic value. Sustainable societies. Social investment. Human Rights. Our reports. Our positions.

mtn momo pay api

Upcoming events. Financial reporting. Integrated reports. Annual results. Interim results. Quarterly trading update. ADR holders information. Analyst coverage. More in investors.

All you need to know : Orange Money API vs MTN Mobile Money API

Capital Markets Day. Ghana lists. MTN Nigeria information. Recent press. Meet the MTNers. Global graduates programme. Become a supplier. About the challenge Developers are required to create a mobile application that uses MTN MoMo APIs, the mobile application needs to target consumers, merchants or businesses.

The application must be useful and usable in the market where the applicants have registered and can cover use cases beyond payment but must utilise MTN MoMo APIs. The preselected applicants will have 2 weeks to develop their ideas.This is something we have been waiting for, for quite a long time.

mtn momo pay api

If you are reading this stay tuned because I will be devoting a whole section of my blog to exploring the opportunities and benefits opened up by this announcement. My goal is to be able to help you with all the information you need whether as someone merely educating themselves or as a developer with a project to handle. And the best part is that the information will be valid in all of the countries where the API is available.

That said, here is how I have structured this article. Mobile Money has undoubtedly been the most disruptive technology on the African continent of the last decade. There is no doubt that others will soon follow suit, but as a strong advocate of leadership, I prefer to lead. Simply put, an API Application Programming Interface is a standard that governs the communication between two applications.

I will use a very simple example. The only condition for this communication is that your app must respect the standard. I hope that made sense to you. But if you are really struggling with that, check out this article — What is an API? In English, please by Petr Gazarov. And yes it is a very big deal. Frequent readers of my blog already know this because I have written a lot on this and keep getting questions every single day.

Further reading: Getting Started with online payments. With the new Open API, you absolutely need no movement and absolutely no documents to get started.

How MoMo Pay Empowers Female Merchants and Customers in Ghana

You simply sign up and you can start working in a well-documented test environment. This greatly reduces the barrier to entry and opens up a lot of opportunity for both MTN and Developers. A lower barrier to entry means more people are ready to hop on it. In just over a month, there are already Laravel packages for the API. I can only imagine what the tools will be available 6 months down.

Your email address will not be published. What is an API? Share This. You May Also Like. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. WhatsApp Me.This project is a web application consul for controlling MTN web-service option and GUI for present reports according to graph and tables. Add a description, image, and links to the mtn topic page so that developers can more easily learn about it. Curate this topic. To associate your repository with the mtn topic, visit your repo's landing page and select "manage topics.

Learn more. Skip to content. Here are 17 public repositories matching this topic Language: All Filter by language. Sort options. Star Code Issues Pull requests. Updated Sep 23, C. Updated Mar 27, PHP. Star 7. Updated Dec 9, PHP. Star 5. Updated Mar 27, CSS. Star 4. Updated Apr 10, PHP. Star 3. Updated Aug 2, Updated Apr 5, TypeScript. Updated May 5, Java. Star 2.When your customer clicks the "Pay Now" button, the customer's phone will receive an STK Push notification with a request to pay the order amount.

Magento 2 MTN Pay

You customers do not have to wait for anybody to validate and process the payment manually. No need to worry once you purchase this App, you will be entitled to free support during installation, configuration and for any bugs or errors arising from this App. We shall also be conveniently available to further customize it for you to suite your form of business operations. This Module is a standard Odoo Module.

Once you purchase it, please follow the following steps to install it:. Please refer to Module Description page for illustrated steps on how to configure this module. Use the live chat to ask your questions. The operator answers within a few minutes. Apps purchases are linked to your Odoo account, please sign in or sign up first. Description Documentation License Latest Version: MTN MoMo. STK Push Notification. Instant Order Validation.

Free Support. Odoo Support Services For bug reporting and fixing, enjoy our odoo support and development services from experienced team in Kenya We are a highly qualified team of well-rounded software engineers and applications systems integrators specialised in open source ERP solutions for SMEs all over the world.

Once you purchase it, please follow the following steps to install it: A download link will appear on the module description page. You need to extract the downloaded file into Odoo 'addons' directory where all other modules are kept. You then need to click on Updates Apps list for the new module to appear on the list of Apps.

Click on Install button and wait for it to finish. Refer to Module Description page for configuration. Configuration Please refer to Module Description page for illustrated steps on how to configure this module. Compatibility Fully Supports Odoo Version Odoo Proprietary License v1. You may develop Odoo modules that use the Software as a library typically by depending on it, importing it and using its resourcesbut without copying any source code or material from the Software.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. MTNheadquartered in Johannesburg, is Africa's most popular and widely used payment gateway. It serves across 21 countries in Africa and the Middle East, offering voice, data, digital services, and enterprise solutions.

The gateway provides the facility to securely send and receive money for the purchase of goods and services. The payment method is widely used in Africa, mainly in Uganda. Meetanshi has developed MTN Pay for Magento 2 to integrate this popular payment gateway with Magento 2 to accept online secure payments. The extension ensures payment security along with quicker transactions.

The customer data is not stored in the Magento 2 server for security purpose. Enable the extension, set the payment method title, select to show the MTN logo on the checkout page, add API user name, API key, and subscription key you received while MoMo API registration, enter the request payment URL and URL for the token, select countries to allow using this payment method, set the additional instructions to show on the checkout page, enter the sort order of the payment method and save the configuration.

In the frontend, when the customers add products to cart and proceed to pay through the MTN Pay Payment method, they will be requested to enter their MTN phone number and click to place the order. The admin can view the payment details in the order view backend. Once the customers add products to cart and proceed to pay using MTN Pay method, they are asked to add the registered MTN phone number on site and click to place the order.

The whole process uses MTN mobile number to process the wallet payments using the MTN phone number and no card details are required to capture payments. A process called Tokenization is used to run transactions with the stored amount in the wallet for the payment. The MTN pay captures the card data for the first time and saves on its own server. The sensitive customer card data is never stored on the Magento 2 server. The extension lets your customers pay with the registered MTN mobile number and thus assures payment security.

We are often asked about PCI compliance. PCI compliance is a complex and multifaceted issue, covering every aspect of your business. We can't guarantee that your business is PCI-compliant.

That depends on your server, passwords, business processes, regular security scans, other payment methods, and a lot more. What we can tell you is that this extension will not prevent you from being PCI compliant.

We don't log confidential cardholder data or do anything else that would bring you under scrutiny. The customers' card details are neither entered into nor stored on Magento 2 server for security. If you have any questions about this extension, you can Contact Usand we reply you back within a few hours. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery.

Your store version Choose Magento Store version. Support Choose an option Add to Cart. Magento Platform.


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